CSGO Battle Royale: Danger Zone

Battle Royale mode is already arguably a necessity in a contemporary game, combining successful formulas seems to tempt many games ranging from the elegant, typical Fortnite, PUBG with weapons and realism, even to the point where there is a game called Egress which has no weapons at all but still implements Battle Royale mode. Now it is the turn of CS: GO, one of the legendary FPS games in the eyes of game shooters who have just implemented their Battle Royale mode.

Entitled “Danger Zone” Valve this time brings a new CS: GO mode with a maximum player in one room ranging from 16-18 people, of which 16 are for solo and 18 are for duo or 3 people in a team. Not only that you are already active as a Prime Member for CS: GO, you can get the chance to get the MP5-SD Souvenir weapon | Lab Rats for free.

Survivors will get a Tablet at the beginning of the game which is useful for tracking where the enemy is, the enemy location will be marked with a yellow area.
You can collect money scattered around the map.

Save the Host to Rescue Zone and get certain secret files to give you money.
If you kill other people you will get Cash and “all items” that he has.
There is only one small folder called Blacksite.

The map is divided into various areas and bombed randomly during the game.
Got a skin that is Edggy on CS: GO? Relax you can enjoy your skin in Danger Zone mode too.

You can spend money with weapons and equipment such as armor and armor, and all these items will be delivered through drones.

Weapons that are powerful enough will drop through Air-Drop at certain moments.
A game revolves around 10 Menitan because it’s really a small Map and player.
How to get MP5-SD Souvenir | Lab Rats Simply collect 250 XP in the Danger Zone Mode and have Prime Membership status.