Heroes of The Storm Tournament Next Year Are Cancelled ?

Heroes of the Storm, what you have in mind is hearing the title of Blizzard’s concoction game. Or maybe there are still many who don’t know the existence of the MOBA game that unites characters from the Blizzard game universe?

After its existence in the gaming industry for approximately 3 years, the unpleasant news came from this game. Later enthusiasts from Heroes of the Storm began to decline, this seemed to have an impact on the developer crew to its competitive scene.

Even the big competition which will be held in 2019 is really no longer held. Both the Global Heroes Championship (HGC) and Heroes of the Dorm will not return next year, they confirmed last Thursday. According to them this is a difficult decision they must make.

Heroes of Global Championship (HGC) is one of the biggest tournaments held officially by Blizzard with participants from all over the world and simultaneously held at Blizzcon with a total prize of $ 1,000,000 USD. While Heroes of the Dorm is also a big tournament, it is more aimed at new talents at the campus level. The winner will get thousands of dollars in prizes in the form of scholarships to go to higher education but have a love for the world of esports.

With the absence of two big competitions next year from Heroes of the Storm, it’s likely that the esports scene will disappear. For this event, Blizzard also began to move the developer team from Heroes of the Storm to other teams, and it is likely that the crew will make at least enough to make this game still interesting to play casual.

According to he HotS is quite fun to play, as one of the MOBA games you don’t need to think about a farm or a fairly complex strategy. You can immediately fight or take some monsters by defeating them in the forest area to help push. It’s quite fun, there are many choices of heroes from the Blizzard game universe starting from World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 to Overwatch.

Interestingly, it is actually Blizzard’s move to bring a number of Overwatch heroes who are predicted to be attracting many new enthusiasts, especially Overwatch fans, but this does not last long. And now they are eliminating two big competitions next year. What’s happen with Blizzard ?