Special Hotel Room For Gamer from Alienware Gamers

Internet cafes is very popular in Indonesia. But if what is discussed is a hotel specifically for gamers, have you ever known?

It turns out that there is one famous hotel, Hilton collaborated with Dell to create a hotel room specifically for gamers. The Hilton Hotel is located in Panama.

According to the news reported by The Verge, the room is number 2425 where in the room there are various advanced gaming devices that can be used by gamers who stay.

There is a giant 65-inch Oled screen and is connected to various gaming devices such as PC gaming and also gaming laptops with the AlienWare brand. The PC that is used is also not arbitrary, the processor used is the best processor where they use the GTX 1080ti and also the i7-8800.

The pleasure of playing games is enough to get there, there are also various VR devices available, even the VR products provided are Oculus VR. There is also a car racing game simulator and also an Alienware laptop that has a 34 inch size.

In addition to the fun of playing games we get, here we will also get services that are equivalent to five star hotels. The beds provided are also the best beds so that when we are tired, we can sleep comfortably.

To be able to stay in this room we need to spend around 4.8 million Rupiah. Prices are quite expensive, but seeing the facilities provided seems like a price that is commensurate, mate.