4 Bonus Items You Can Claim for Free in Red Dead Online Beta

A week or so a day since the Red Dead Online beta began, and maybe you have explored and felt how cruel the cowboy world of Rockstar Games is. Like equipment and weapons that are difficult to obtain because the price is quite expensive and also other players who do not hesitate to interfere with your game.

However, it seems that many players who do not know that Rockstar Games gives some bonus items for Red Dead Online players to slightly facilitate their struggle in the game. If you feel you’ve never claimed it, you can see the 4 bonus items and how to get them below.

You can claim High Roller Revolver with this cool design for free through Fence. Even though it only excels in Fire Rate and Reload, this Revolver is certainly better than the Cattleman Revolver that you get at the start of the game. However, unfortunately the High Roller Revolver cannot be modified.

You may be familiar with this one set of clothes. In addition to being present free of charge for the main game, you can find The Grizzlies Outlaw in Red Dead Online. You can claim this one set for free on the General Store, Clothing Store or through a shopping catalog that you can access by holding the left d-pad.

Do you feel that the horses you get all have poor status? Take it easy because Rockstar Games also provides Superior type horses that you can claim for free on any Stable. Select the menu to buy horses and in the Superior type, you will find an Arabian horse with the name Red Chestnut.

Besides getting a Superior horse, you can also get a saddle with a pretty good status. You simply go to the saddle menu and buy a new saddle, then scroll down until you see the Alligator Ranch Cutter Saddle that you can claim for free.