3 Best Support In Dota 2

Support is crucial role in Dota 2. There is a quotes which say behind the good carry, there is a good support. Yeah, this quotes is right ! You can see, in every good team or pro team in Dota 2 history, there is always a good support who can baby sitting his carry and do a whole thing alone !

But there is lack of player who want to play this role. As we know, support is very hard to play. We must give all space for our carry but also need to buy some item and need to provide a team vision like buying wards or dewarding. Not only that, as a support, you need to sacrificing your life if your carry or midlaner is in danger, bored right ?

But for you who want to play support, there is 3 best hero for you:

Number one is Crystal Maiden. This hero is queen of support. He have dissable skill, AoE skills and have a regeneration aura for teammates. Her ultimate skill, Freezing Field can inflict a high damage to enemy in large area.

Number two is Rubick. Same as Crystal Maiden, Rubick is also a very good support. He have a disable skill and can steal enemy skill. He also have a magic resistance aura for his teammates.

Number three is Winter Wyvern. This hero is not a killing type hero, but this hero have a good crowd control skill. His second skill can inflict magic damage also slowdown the enemy. Winter Wyvern also be a good healer with his third skill. For clashing, Winter Wyvern will release his Winter Curse, so the enemy unit will attack any targeted unit. Good right ?

Pudge The Butcher ! Chop Chop Chop !

Pudge The Butcher is the most popular hero on Dota 2. Pudge is a melee STR hero who has incredible ganking power. But it’s not easy to play Pudge, the difficulty of his hook is the main problem. But when you mastered this hero, you will easily kill enemy hero.

His first skill is Meat Hook. Pudge will use his chain hook to catch the enemy. This skill have a good range, so you can hook enemy unit when hiding in FOG. This skill inflict phsycal damage, so even you have magic immune, you will still take the damage. This skill can be upgraded by Aghanim Scepter.

His second skill is Rot. Pudge will spread a toxic cloud. Enemy around him will take magical damage. But Pudge also will harming himself when activating this skill. This skill also give slow effect to enemy.

His third skill is Fesh Heap. This skill giving an extra magical resistance to Pudge. Every time Pudge kill an enemy, he will gain 2.5 point of STR. This skill is retroactive skill, so even you didn’t skilled, you will still get the STR when you up this skill.

His ultimate skill is Dismember. When using it, Pudge will say FRESH MEAT. This is disable skill. When activated this skill, Pudge will grap the enemy and chows down the enemy. Pudge also steal HP from enemy when using it. The damage depends on your STR poin.

Reza Arap Will Fired 1 WAW Member (AoV Division)

WAW esports itself has many divisions, one of which is the AOV Game (Arena of Valor), WAW esports won the ANC season 2 title which is held routinely every year by Garena AOV Indonesia as the Semi-Pro team towards the Pro level which ends will compete on ASL (AOV Star League) which is the highest level in the AOV competition in Indonesia.

But the team containing top ASL class players such as Ahmad, Mumuy and Taxtstump and managed to advance to the ESL group stage seemed to experience a difficult period because they had experienced a number of defeats which were considered a surprise to many behind the slick composition of this team.

Expectations may be different from reality, Reza Arap seems disappointed with the performance of his children in the ESL event because he hasn’t shown a positive trend so far, so Arap directly revealed his frustration on his personal Twitter as shown below:

Arap said about the ‘Attitude’ issue in this case, where Arap plans to fire one member of his AOV division thanks to this.

Not yet knowing who Reza Arap means, and the clarity about this matter has not yet been revealed in the public, maybe in the near future there will be a release regarding the clarity of related news.

Nintedo Will Colaborating With Line For Making Dr Mario World

After recently Nintendo announced that it would release Mario Kart to mobile devices (Android, iOS) they also did not want to leave the other Mario franchises, like Dr. Mario World.

For information, if you don’t know what Dr. Mario, this game is a 1990 release carrying the puzzle genre. In this game you are assigned to eradicate the virus by matching the colors of the capsules in the game. Quite simple indeed, but at the time this game was very interesting to play.

Now Dr. Mario will be adapted into a mobile game, not playing Nintendo is also working with chat-based application developers from Japan, namely Line. With this collaboration, it is possible for Dr. Mario World will present social features that might be able to integrate friends on the Line to play together in this game. But both Nintendo and Line still haven’t revealed what Dr. This Mario World.

Until now they are only planning related to the release schedule which will fall at the beginning of summer this year. Dr. Mario World will be released directly in 60 countries and regions, including Japan and the United States. Hopefully Indonesia will be included in the list of countries to release this game. While waiting maybe we can play the game from Nintendo which was released on the previous smartphone namely Super Mario Run.

You Must Know Every Role In PUBG Mobile

Are you really understand about your role in PUBG Mobile ? Not only MOBA game who have role, battle royale game like PUBG Mobile also have some role. This role is really important, that’s why you must know about your role to get chicken dinner.

Role number one is marksman. For a marksman player, he must good at using assault or SMG weapon. Markman speciality is mid range combat. It’s like second tier defender. Killing enemy is a must for marksman. Usually marksman will covering sniper player who can’t finishing their job.

Role number two is sniper. As we know, sniper is a silent killer. They must kill enemy from far away and can’t be detected by enemy. But play as a sniper is not easy. You must kill enemy with 1 shot, it’s hard right ? When sniper can’t do their job, marksman will take cover and kill the enemy for team.

The third one is Flex. This role is hard to play in PUBG Mobile. Flex is a support in battle royale game. Only the strongest can play this role. They must bring many ammo and medi kit for helping the other. SMG is the best weapon for Flex.

Fourth is Breacher. This role is very usefull in team. Usually, for breacher role, he will be the frontline. This role is very hard to play, same like Flex. But when you have this role in your team, your win rate with increase dramatically.

Mario Kart’s “Mobile” Version Will Be Late For Release

The mobile game market is the prima donna of developers to release their release games. Many developers have indeed jumped from the start in the industry but there are also big developers who have previously worked on various platforms or even exclusively on their own platforms and are now starting to look at the mobile game industry. This is what might make Nintendo decide to do the same thing with the release of the Mario Kart franchise on the smartphone / smartphone platform.

Nintendo-style Game CTR is indeed very much loved by Nintendo fans. In almost every generation of Nintendo’s consoles, fun racing games both played alone and with friends are always present. But over time and the development of markets and technology, Nintendo was finally tempted by the release of the title Mario Kart Tour, a spin-off from Mario Kart which will be released for smartphones.

Actually, they have announced that the Mario Kart Tour has been scheduled and will be released at the end of March. However, through its official Twitter account, Nintendo is delaying the release of the mobile game until the summer with reasons to improve the quality and expand its service content.

Plunging into the mobile game industry is not the first time for Nintendo, they have also released several previous mobile games such as Miitomo (2016), Super Mario Run (2016), Fire Emblem Heroes (2017), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017) and Dragalia Lost (2018). Some of these mobile games are not all available in the territory of Indonesia, only Super Mario Run is available in the application market, both Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore.

Exodus Metro Release at Epic Store Not through Decision from Central Publisher

Apart from the fact that Epic Games Store has slowly begun to build the foundation of an increasingly strong and solid digital gaming platform, their success in luring a number of developers to no longer have the taste in marketing their games on Steam turned out to be quite a controversy, especially for PC gamers who already comfortable in buying digital games on certain platforms.

After Ubisoft was surprisingly reluctant to release The Division 2 game on Steam, the same thing was finally followed by Deep Silver through their FPS survival game called Metro Exodus. Valve, who is certainly disappointed, openly stated that they and Steam gamers felt unfairly treated, given that Metro Exodus had long been providing pre-order services on the platform since 2018 yesterday.

Many really regret the sudden change of direction carried out by Deep Silver. Interestingly, this also made THQ Nordic the highest party that had acquired Deep Silver and the entire game franchise spoke up and wanted to straighten out everything that had happened.

Through cuitan on his official Twitter account, the decision to make Metro Exodus as an exclusive PC game on the Epic Games Store apparently did not come from authority or direct orders from Nordic THQ. Koch Media is 100% responsible for driving and determining what steps to take Deep Silver in marketing their games. Although Koch Media has long been acquired by THQ Nordic since last February 2018, Koch seems to still want to separate himself from THQ Nordic by fully controlling the IP-IP of the game he holds.

Hardest First Boss Ever Made In Video Games

When fighting in a game, it’s make player feel satisfied when playing game. But sometimes, there’s a boss who really hard to defeat, for example every bosses in Dark Soul game. But other than that game, there’s another game who have a freaking difficulty when battling with first bosses. Want to know ?

First is Cleric Beast form Bloodborne game. In this game, you will play as a hunter who hunt down the demon. When you play in stage one, you will meet a Cleric Beast. This monster is not a main boss, but many player take the wrong line and must fight this boss. When fighting with Cleric Beast, you movement is very limited. You need to be carefull about his tail sweep ! He can kill you in one hit.

The second one is Murai from Ninja Gaiden game. Before meet Murai, you just have 30 minutes to learn about Ninja Gaiden basic move. This mini boss look like a real boss. Seriously ! He will drain your HP bar so fast. Be carefull to not be wrecked by Murai.

The third one is Crypt of the Necrodancer. This game is so popular back in time. When meet the first boss, you need to follow the dance of the boss. If you take the wrong move, you will die instantly. So you need to watch carefully about the dancing zombies.

The First Fortnite International Tournament Held By ESL

For the first time ESL will hold a Fortnite tournament. The tournament will be held in conjunction with the flagship event, the Intel Extreme Master Katowice 2019 along with two other competitive games Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Starcraft II.

The Fortnite tournament is titled ESL Katowice Royale and will take place in two weeks. The first week starts from February 23-24 while the second week is on March 1-3. For the first week the competition tends to be for players from the Polish region who will fight for a total prize of $ 100,000 USD and the winner will continue to the second week along with other pro playes from around the world to fight for a total prize of $ 500,000 USD

In addition to the pro players and influencers from Poland, approximately 100 of the best people, 100 other best people also participated from various parts of the world to fight for the total prize of half a million dollars. Here’s a list of names of players who will compete in this duo fashion tournament.

With the presence of the first Fortnite international tournament, ESL also gave a statement regarding the event.

What do you think brott? Are you one of those who are looking forward to this international level competition for Fortnite?

Dendi And Mushi Officially Joined Tigers

Since the departure of InYourDream and Ahjit; The Dota 2 Tigers e-sport team that won Dream League Season 10, rushed to find a replacement for both of them. They decided to recruit 2 veteran Dota 2 players namely; Mushi and Dendi. The Tigers include a new team for corn, but have made their names in the Dota 2 tournament. Hoping that the entry of these two seasoned players will be able to shine.

As they announced to Tigers Fanspage on Facebook on January 20th. The official Tigers recruited Mushi, a veteran player who had so much experience in the Dota tournament 2. Filled in the carry position vacancies left by Ahjit, and undoubtedly Mushi was able to become a powerful substitute for the Tigers team.

And within 2 days, the Tigers also recruited players who had very mature experiences, Dendi. Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, who won the First International. To fill the vacancy in the mid position left by InYourDream. This very friendly player officially joined Tiger on January 22 yesterday.

The Tigers hoped that both Mushi and Dendi players who had been rivals for a long time and had a mountain of experience, were able to become new movers who could bring the Tigers to compete with other teams, continue to grow and win even bigger tournaments.